Sports Fitness Professional Muscle Relaxation Massage Gun Electric Handheld Massager

When you're sore from exercise, you need a machine to help you relax. Love yourself, love your muscle. MOQ>=1 piece. 
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Muscle Massage Gun

Sports Fitness Professional Muscle Relaxation Massage Gun 

Electric Handheld Massager

Product Name Mini fascia gun
Battery Capacity 2000mA
Type of Battery  High energy power battery
Rotate Speed 1800~3800r/min
Block A Choice 5-range
Nominal Voltage  5V
Rated Power 12W
Net Weight 0.5kg

Dropshipping Handheld Massager

Fascial Massage Gun

Color for Your Choice

Easy-to-handle Portable Massage Gun

Portable Fascial Gun with Multiple Colors To Choose

* The new generation fascia gun uses a more lightweight material that does not reduce functionality foundation, to create a lighter, smaller generation.

* The performance of the battery directly affects the use experience of the fascia gun. The battery capacity is up to 2000mAh, giving you an unrestrained deep massage experience.

*  Physical amplitudes of up to 10mm are used can penetrate deep muscle layer, enjoy real relaxation experience.

*  The fascia gun uses a high-power brushless motor to bring surging power,  up to 3800 RPM high speed impact, rapid movement after the collapse of lactic acid.

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