• Happy Dragon Boat Festival
    Happy Dragon Boat Festival Jun 02, 2022
    With the arrival of the Dragon Boat Festival, Hiplastics team wish you and your families have a nice holiday. Dragon Boat is a traditional Chinese holiday that occurs on the fifth day of the fifth month of the Chinese calendar, to commemorate the death of Qu Yuan on this day. We're happy to inform you that our factory is scheduled to be closed from Jun. 3rd to Jun. 5th for the holidays, and resume the production on Jun. 6th. Happy Dragon Boat Festival!
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  • The leaders of Minhou County Committee visited us on May 26th
    The leaders of Minhou County Committee visited us on May 26th May 27, 2022
    The leaders of the Minhou County Committee visited us on May 26th, and got their approval for the factory. We will do our best to keep the relationship based on high respect, trust and transparency. We will be happy to create together beautiful and exciting moments. Loverunslife team will keep doing better in this industry, not only the business level, but also the human level :) Do what you love, love what you do. We will continue to build a sustainable business by manufacturing and marketing high-level products for better living.
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  • Happy Labour Day
    Happy Labour Day Apr 29, 2022
    Labour Day is coming. As the saying goes, labor is the most glorious. The reward of Labour is always generous: it brought human people from barbarism to civilization. The working people were plain and honest in their dress.  The vast majority of them come from all parts of the motherland.  When the whole family got together, they had already started packing simple luggage, leaving their hometown and arriving at the construction site with their parents' instructions and their wives and children's expectations.  From then on, they began a New Year tense busy, and hard work.   Hiplastics team wish all the working people every success in their career, happiness and harmony in their family, and happiness in your every day. Happy Labour Day!
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  • Alibaba March Expo
    Alibaba March Expo Feb 28, 2022
    Loverunslife have been taking part in a trading competition which was held by Alibaba on March. Sales partners at Loverunslife will hit their potential in March and work hard every day. From the start of the PK on March 1st, all Loverunslife members will devote themselves to the event until it ended on March 31st. For the best performers will be rewarded during this time. Because they are in the quiet struggle and help the company win the honor. In this war, all members will help each other, overcome a lot of difficulties, inspired their infinite potential. I believe everyone will find their best state in the coming month. Do what you love, love what you do. Fighting!
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  • Year-ending banquet
    Year-ending banquet Jan 27, 2022
    On Jan. 25th, 2022, we held a year-ending banquet to celebrate the company's achievements in the past year.  In order to promote team spirit and inherit fine style, we have selected a group of "outstanding advanced individuals". They are silently dedicated to the development of the company. Their professional dedication is worth learning. Here I would like to express my sincere congratulations to these employees! We believe we will continue to make persistent efforts to stand out in the new year and become the pride of the company! Not only do we award trophies and bonuses to every outstanding employee, but also prepared a wonderful raffle at the scene. We enjoy every game that brings us fun. Thank the company for bringing us together and giving us a second home. In the new year, we will keep working with passion, honesty and loyalty. We'll be very happy to create together beautiful and exciting moments in this new year.
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  • Chinese New Year
    Chinese New Year Jan 19, 2022
    How time flies. The fleeting 2021 years have been stored by dusty memories, more than 300 days and nights so quietly passed by us. Blink of an eye, we ushered in the New Year. Standing on the threshold of the New Year, we used to look back -- not only for nostalgia, but also for dreams and hopes. Looking back on the past year, there is no lack of ups and downs in life, including the joy of success, but also the pain of failure. Whether it is gratitude or regret, happiness or sadness, smooth or setback, gain or loss, it is always with life. Life is not as beautiful as you imagined, nor as smooth as we predicted. Fortunately, I have learned to tolerate others, to be kind to myself, to cherish the sunshine in my life, and to live a happy life every day. At the beginning of the New Year, let's put everything we've experienced behind us. Whether we have been successful or failed in the past, let us take off our heavy burdens and go light. The New Year open a new page, bring all expectations and hope, yearning and vision to us. Life and dream will continue to extend. The pace is still persistent. Let's shout together: Happy Chinese New Year !
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