Why You Need A Neck Massager Pillow? Nov 26, 2021

1. Why Should We Use A Neck Massager?

Have you ever notice that holding up our heads is a tough job for our necks? Add in the strain it goes through with exercise or the weird positions we sleep in, and it’s no wonder we suffer from neck and shoulder pain. Thankfully, there are a variety of at-home solutions to alleviate the common stress our necks endure. Neck massagers come in various shapes and sizes.

2. Is Neck Massage Pillow A Good Choice for Relief Pain?

Loverunslife's new Inflatable U-shape Massage Pillow can perfectly fit the curve of the spine to provide 360° surround head and neck support, to prevent the fatigue caused by the pressure. A single press of the button can deflate and inflate the pillow. BTW, the rope with lock can be adjusted to fit different neck sizes, so you can simply choose as you like.

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3. Is It Easy to Storage and Carry?

The neck massage pillow is designed with inflatable air bag which is filled with military used airbag liner. The easy operation of inflate and deflate and the foldable design make it very convenient to be carry with you anywhere as you like, why not have a deep massage therapy after a busy job?

4. Will It Hurt Me If I Forget to Turn It Off?

This massage is designed with auto-off function in 10 minutes so don't worry about the over-massaging and never concerned about the cervical health of you, relax with this massager for 10 minutes each time.

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