Why You Need A Lumbar Support to Prevent Back Pain in Your Car? Dec 02, 2021

1. Have you ever suffer from the back hurt after a long car ride?

As we know, many people use poor posture when slouched behind the wheel or scrunched down in the passenger's seat, which leads to lower back pain flare-ups. Driving countless hours on congested roads also causes stress, which can trigger or exacerbate back pain.

2. What can you do to prevent the car seat hurt your lower back?

First of all, make sure your head is flat against the headrest. This makes it easier to stay upright and prevent slouching (which can be the main cause of lower back pain from a car seat). If you're too close or too far from the steering wheel, your arms and legs suffer, too.

Secondly, choose a suitable lumbar support for your car. A lumbar support for car seat can raise the comfort level up a few notches, Loverunslife lumbar support is adjustable, you can choose the height that is suitable for you, which can easily help you to maintain a proper sitting posture.

Lumbar Support Car Cushion

3. Why Choose Loverunslife Lumbar Support?

Loverunslife's lumbar support cushion is design with dual-wing which make it more comfortable for you to use. And we change material from nickel to copper, which is more durable and rust-proof. A specially designed cover will have it well protected.

lumbar support cushion

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