Waist Lumbar Support-Great Gift for Your Beloved Ones Sep 29, 2021

Nowadays, more and more people drive but less exercise. The cervical spine and waist is most affected area caused by long driving. Our waist muscles are constantly in a state of tension and contraction. In order to alleviate the problem of waist in driving, many friends will choose to rely on the car waist for this situation. But there are a lot of bad waist cushion there. First, it is too soft to provide enough support, which accelerates the deformation of the spine. Secondly, it is too hard to fit the shape of the body, which makes hanging the elbows more tiring. Finally, cotton material is airtight, which makes it hot and stuffy in summer.

Next, I would like to share our back cushion which is suitable for solving back pain while driving.

The waist cushion is like a support for us. The car waist can be attached to the human waist, absorb the pressure of the car seat to the human lumbar spine, average distribution of stress points, help blood circulation and relieve fatigue. The following are why you choose them:

1. Comfortable waistline:

The two wings of the back are in line with the curve of the human body, making people more comfortable.

lumbar support supplier

2. Adjustable height:

The height of the back can be adjusted by moving the knob up and down, which is suitable for people of different heights.

3. Smart fit lumbar bending:

When you lean on the back, the back structure itself has the flexibility to adapt to your back. So that you can find the most comfortable sitting position.

4. Optimal material:

There is non-metal spring to avoid rusting. The material is ABS plastic and we design the buffer column.

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