Rolling Vibration Heating Foot Calf Ankle Leg Massager Apr 27, 2022

1. Have you ever encounter problems as below?

Long time wearing the high heels, long term sedentary in the office, leg pain for the elderly, too much housework, sore leg muscle after doing the sports or numbness in feet after long time standing.

The foot massage is increasingly popular in the market as time goes by. Today we would like to introduce you one of our top hot sale massager for foot areas.

This machine is with kneading and rolling massage method and it will help to relief tension and fatigue of your feet with traditional shiatsu and reflexology therapy. You can adjust the speed from low, medium to high to massage your tiptoe, sole of the foot according to your needs.

2. One-stop leg & foot care

This is a full three-dimensional massage, it can massage your knee, thigh, calf, ankle, soles of the foot, and foot with this foot massage machine. It simulates a variety of massage therapist. This single one machine can replace a foot machine, calf massage, thigh massage, knee massage belt.

3. Intelligent control panel

Simply choose the speed as per your needs, open the heating function, target the massage areas like foot, leg options. If you like different massage ways, there are also vibration and rolling option. What’s more, it is quite convenient that you can press the automatic button and enjoy the massager automatically.

4. 120 degree fip adjustable

You can feel the airbag with 0, 90, 120 degree, and it is with high frequency vibration.