Neck Back and Body Massager Shiatsu Collar with Heating Function Apr 07, 2022

1. It is really a great pleasure to have a massage after a long day working, let us get started with the most popular Massage Collar.

Functions: the device was designed to relax tense muscles, thus reducing pain and improving blood circulation.

Two Massage Modes: Kneading and Tapping, switch the modes as you like. Beating mode: upgraded highly frequency tapping and Kneading mode: upgraded elastic suspending massage nodes, the massage heads are designed with different height for better massaging experience. Using the circular movements of the heads, our device imitates the movements of skilled massage therapists Shiatsu - a Japanese massage technique also known as acupuncture without needles.

Ergonomic Design: this massage shawl can fit perfectly to your neck and shoulder.

Double Engine Design: powerful, upgraded pure copper motor, safe, stable and durable

Multi Mode Optional: your can choose the relax mode, enjoyable mode, free mode, forward mode or

2. From now on, you don't need to spend large sums of money on regular massage.

Reversal mode freely.

Relieves pain

Reduces tension in the body

It relaxes and calms down

Harmonizes the body and soul.

Helps with back pain, spine and lumbar pain and neck pain

Improves the quality of sleep


Muscle cramps

Great in the fight against cellulite.