Is Massage Guns Really Works? May 11, 2022

1. Massage guns have been very popular over the years.

It is popular among the basketball stars and movie stars. Many fitness trainers and yoga teachers have also bought this gun to relax their customers. Even in the rehabilitation department of many hospitals, there are rehabilitation therapists and doctors who are also using this machine to relax their patients' muscles.

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2. You may wonder is this machine really works?

To answer this question, let us first see how did this massage gun developed.

2.1 The earliest massage instrument of this kind should be DMS. It was once regarded as a magic tool. Because it can relax you well and it is heavy self-weight make it strong and powerful. However, the high cost also keep it away from the majority.

2.2 Then, it started to reduce its own weight but it is very noisy.

2.3 After that, the fascia gun paid more attention to noise reduction, and it is become much quitter.

Normally, the noise with 50DB and the frequency with 3200 is a better choice, this option is powerful enough, and not noisy.

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3. How to choose a right massage gun then?

The massage gun relax not only the fascia layer, but also in the muscles. The fascia gun has different massage heads, from the fascia layer to deep muscle tissue, and the fascia gun can also promote the circulation of the tissue.

There are many massage guns out there in the market with different price ranges. We will choose the one fit us based on many aspects like design but the most important factor is when you use t to target the pain point, a good massage gun will not stop. But the one with lower quality will be stopped by force, which is technically known as stop-guard.


4. Where we cannot not use the fascia gun?

As we know, many people in modern society has poor cervical spine, and if the fascia gun is used to relax the muscles of the back cervical spine, it may cause more serious cervical problems, even lead to dizziness (high vibration frequency of the fascia gun, easy to make you dizzy).

There are many blood vessels and nerves in the anterior side, so it is risky to use the massage gun there.

It is also not suggested to use fascia gun to relax the ribs on both sides. There are no muscles around the ribs and it is easy to hurt the ribs by relaxing them directly.

In addition, the fascia gun can not be directly used in the bone protrusion, such as the seventh cervical vertebra, scapular hill, fibular head, using the fascia gun directly on the bone is likely to cause discomfort, even lead to periosteum injury in serious cases. And for acute problems, such as a newly sprained ankle or a bend in the lumbar spine, the use of a fascia gun is not recommended too because it may increase swelling.

There are still more about massage gun knowledge we woud like to share in our next blog, welcome to come to us again.

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