How to Reduce the Pressure on Your Lumbar Spine? May 18, 2022

According to a survey, the pressure on the lumbar spine caused by incorrect sitting posture is as high as 300 pounds.

For many office workers, the low back pain are actually caused by some inadvertent habits in our daily life.

For example, 80% of people are with bad sitting posture. We tend to tilt unconsciously when we sit and according to the chiropractor, a suitable lumbar support can solve 80% of the low back pain problems for the sedentary group. How to choose a reliable lumbar support supplier and what skills you should pay attention to, below is some tips from a user who works in the internet.

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As a worker in the Internet industry, I have to sit by the computer for a long time.

Over the years, I have tested more than 10 waist massagers, so I believe my experience may do some help in choosing the right lumbar support manufacturers.

Below are some tips for you:

Firstly, I found some back support in the market deformed after using just for a month, and you now the deformed one cannot support your waist well.

Secondly, the back area shall be large enough, because it needs to support the entire waist area to ensure a good effect.

Thirdly, dirt-resistant and easy to clean, the cover is removable and washable, so we can keep the lumbar support clean easily.

Lastly, breathable mesh material, there are many holes in the mesh fabric so we will not feel stuffy after sitting for a long time.

For those who are wondering “where can I buy a back support”, the one I'm using now exactly meets the above requirements

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