Electric Pulse Therapy Neck and Cervical Massager Apr 12, 2022

Electric Cervical Massager for Neck Pain

With long time sitting on the office chairs, the stiffness and discomfort felt at the neck or we called cervical pain maybe a very common phenomenon among office workers. To deal with this problem, we would like to introduce a cervical massager, with the electric pulse therapy technology, it works to enhance blood circulation, relax muscles and relieve fatigue, thus suitable for people with cervical discomfort and neck pain.

15 Massage Intensity Settings.

Low: 1-5 : use for daily relaxation of the neck

Medium: 5-11: relieve cervical spine pressure

High: 11-15: deeply relax muscle

There are 15 stages accordingly to the feeling of skin and body , adjust different frequency intensity to achieve ideal relaxation effect, simply choose the most suitable mode you need to reduce muscle pain or body tension.

Fit Any Sizes of Neck

With the upgraded elastic material, this message is cordless and fit well to various neck curves. It's portable designed and lightweight, great for home, office & car use.

Comfortable to Wear

The material is skin-friendly designed, and the constant heat increase the penetration layer by layer, reduces the feeling of tingling and floats freely at 360°, effectively relieves the fatigue of the cervical spine.

TENS Therapy

TENS(Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation), It is a therapy that uses low voltage electrical current to provide pain relief.