Electric Feet Calf Knee and Thigh Leg Massager Feb 19, 2022

1. Are leg and foot massagers healthy?

As we are spending hours walking or standing every day, we add much pressure to our feet, which may slows down our blood circulation in the lower limbs. Especially in modern workplace, where males work overtime and females may stand for a long time with high heel. Massaging is a great way to relax, destress, and foot massage helps with healing and keeps your muscles and tissues healthy. That's especially important if you have health problems that add to poor circulation or nerve damage, like diabetes.

2. Do you need 4 massage machines for your Foot, Calf, Knee and Thigh massing?

As we know, foot massage is quite important because it is our feet that permanently bear and carry the body's weight. And in the past years, to have a complete relax for our lower limbs, we may buy foot, knee, calf and thigh machine separately, which is with high cost and occupies huge amount of space. Loverunslife’s newly upgraded foot and calf massager can be positioned as per the leg area that you want to massage. There are also foot and thigh buttons in the panel that you can choose easily.

3. 120° Free Flip-Extending Massage Areas.

Multi-directional massage care, taller height for extended coverage. Airbag with high frequency vibration, there are airbag especially for thigh, calf areas, the user-friendly design can achieve 80% airbag wrapped from foot to thigh.

4. Vibration, rolling and heating mechanisms.

The synergetic combination of kneading and rolling creates the most relaxed and revitalising massage experience. The 3 different speed settings and a heat function which allows you to choose how intense your massage is and where it should focus its attention. Besides, it is beneficial to reflexology and shapes your legs.

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