Electric Body Cervical Kneading Massage Pillow Apr 19, 2022

Do you also think it is a great way to use the massage pillow for pain relief and anxiety reduction?

A study shows that the demand for pillow with the therapy features are increasing crazily compared to their counterparts. So you may wondering shall I also buy one and how to choose the right one? And today we would like to introduce one for you.

Upgraded 3 Speed Regulation, Suitable for Your Whole Family Members.

1. Low: soft mode, suitable for the aged

2. Mid: medium mode, suitable for the overworked.

3. High: soft and suitable for the sedentary office crowds.

16 Massage Heads, Real Person Massage Experience

Our cervical massage pillow is equipped with dual 8D massage head(total 16 positive and negative massage head), it massage your joint smoothly and supports various massage ways, such as push, press, extruding, knead, pinch and roll., which gives you a real hand massage experience.

Upgraded Leather and Mesh Material with Memory Inner Filling

The material is a special selected upgraded leather, which feels smooth and environmental friendly. The breathable mesh material memory inner filling makes you a comfortable experience when using it.