Do Massage Guns Really Work? Dec 15, 2021

1. Do massage guns really work?

Have you ever find your muscles feel sore after exercise? If the answer is yes, a good massage gun is a great substitute for a private massage therapist.

You may wonder will a massage gun really works? Let us see how a soft tissue therapist thinks, "It’s called a massage gun, but it's not a massage as you might get from a professional," she says,

"Instead, it's percussive therapy - pounding, jigging and whacking the muscle. This helps reduce muscle soreness by increasing blood flow to the area, which in turn can help reduce inflammation and soreness."

2. How to Use The Massage Gun Safely?

A. Don’t touch and press the massage heads when it works.

B. Never use it to percuss joint. Massage gun is normally used for soft tissues, if used to joint, will cause an injury of joint.

C. A massage gun is not suitable to use in all parts of the body. Never use it to body parts like neck, chest, abdomen, armpits that with thin muscle and close to organs and aorta .

Start at the lowest setting and avoid bone, because that'll hurt. Instead, concentrate on the big, meaty muscles like the biceps, triceps, thighs and glutes, and don't use it for too long - it'll only make things sorer. Remember to use it within 1 minute to a single part. Don't use it on strains or sprains and speak to your doctor first if you have osteoporosis or high blood pressure.

muscle massage gun

3. How to Choose A Massage Gun?

Do you have any idea how to choose a massage gun when you have decided to buy one? Will a professional massage gun manufacturer with over 10 years experience be a reliable choice for you? Loverunslife massage gun is with 6 different massage heads for your replacement and with 20 levels high frequency vibrations.

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