Direct Manufacturer for Lumbar Support May 05, 2022

1. Spent Less, Smile More

As we know, there are many options for massagers in the market, with a wide range of price difference. Do you know how to choose the most reliable one? As an end user, it may hard for us to find the direct factories in the past, there are traders, wholesalers, retailers ect who works as a border between factory and the customer. To offer you more competitive product, we loverunslife will now offer massage products to all the groups, no matter which role you are in the market.

2. Why Choose Loverunslife Lumbar Support

As we spent more and more time in office and car, a massager that fit both would be quite useful and interesting for the office workers. We loverunslife has developed a new moulding for the lumbar support which has advantages as below:

1. We are the owner of the moulding, so the price is more competitive.

2. The products have been sold and shipped a lot to market with container like Middle East, North American and Europe and got positive feedback from them, so no matter you are use by yourself or for reselling, trust me, you will like it!

3. We keep upgrading the product based on customers' feedback and now it is even more easily to adjust the height compared with the old version.(The height of the back can be adjusted by moving the knob up and down, which is suitable for people of different heights. )

3. Fit Your Lumbar Smartly

When you lean on the back, the back structure itself has the flexibility to adapt to your back, so that you can find the most comfortable sitting position.

Choose loverunslife for lumbar support, we will never let you down!

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